Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Printer to CNC: Update 3

Hooked up a Dremel with a flexible shaft to the machine. I switched from zapmaker's grblControl to Candle. It took a lot of time toconfigure GRBL for the different motors, but it works now very well. The main problem is the stability of the mechanics and the force of the dremel in context with the hardness of the material - something I have to fix in the future.

Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

ESP8266: LED-Matrix Control by Webinterface: Update 2

I just found out, that somebody came up with this idea a bit earlier. I stop the project for now, because this solution is a lot better than I could do it anytime.

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

ESP8266: LED-Matrix Control by Webinterface: Update 1

After scripting around some evenings with CSS, HTML ans JavaScript, the following website turned out:

Now I am able to change the size of the matrixand the color of each pixel. For testing the results of the software, I rapidly build a little matrix, which consists of four WS2812 LEDs:

And i think... this will be a nice project... especially if i can control my "large" LED matrix with 6x9 pixels..

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

ESP8266: LED-Matrix Control by Webinterface

According to my interest in LEDs, I build a LED-Matrix as my first real Electronics Project. Now, some days ago, I found the Channel of Tyler Jones, who has written a Tool to easy create animations for WS2812-based LED-Matrices. My thought was, that it is very inconvenient that you have to use a PC and have to upload the new code to the Arduino. Of course, you can also take Gleadiator from Solderlabs, but this also requires a Java-able device.
With this thought I went to the PC and searched for a Webinterface, which is able to control a LED-Matrix, but all the webinterfaces are used to controll the whole LED-Strip in only one color (if you don't know what I mean, click here). In this moment I decided to write my own Webinterface, to control LED-Matrices, or for another use, to control a lot of WS2812-LEDs independent from each other.
Today I came out with the first results. The webpage consists of an HTML5 Color Picker (only supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera), a piece of text which shows the color-hexvalue and (at least) one button to control the first LED:

Now it finally works! I can change the buttons color in the webinterface and I am also able to change the LEDs behavior:

To do for the next days:
- improve the websites design
- Create options to change the size of the matrix
- maybe add some presets
- maybe make it possible to store layouts

Thats it for now, new updates will be released in the next days and weeks.

Montag, 22. August 2016

Perhaps a nice idea...?

Why do NOT get a cheap printer-scanner-combination and transform it into a CNC-Machine? I guess it would be nice if i could handle that.
The idea already exists. As a tutorial i use the videos from Tinkernut which show the transformation from some DVD-Drives into a CNC-Machine. Here my thoughts:


- Arduino (Uno od Nano, but i think Nano)
- 3x Stepper Motor Driver, like in the video with the A3967-Chip
- Printer-Scanner-combination
- Probably a Stepper Motor.


GRBL to interpret the protocol with the Arduino
- to upload it on the Arduino XLoader
GRBL-Controller to control the Machine or to create project files

The plan: